about infinex

Infinex, a Flex company, is a global component manufacturer that provides cost-effective, simplified supply chain solutions. Supported by a broad technology portfolio of competitive, high-quality components, Infinex enables design innovation in a wide range of end-use applications in every industry. Infinex components enable intelligence within products that deliver the capabilities, efficiencies, and experiences that transform lives. Built on trust, quality, and reliability, our solutions provide customers with cost efficiencies and supply chain optimization. Infinex is headquartered in Austin, TX USA with operations and employees worldwide.

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our mission

Deliver competitive advantage solutions on components through cost leadership, highest quality differentiation
and supply chain optimization strategies

our vision

Enable design innovation
by providing advanced technologies as an
industry-leading global supplier of components

Our values, truths and attributes
that guide our everyday business decisions

Highest Quality Guarantee

Best-in-class, high-quality products and services is at the foundation of everything we do at Infinex. Continuous improvement is our responsibility to ensure our manufacturing and business operations meet or exceed customer expectation. We demonstrate our commitment by adhering to regulatory compliance and international quality certifications, reliable metrics from our quality systems, product warranties and customer feedback collaboration.

Innovative Technologies

Infinex has a broad components technology portfolio utilizing cutting-edge methodologies and technologies that enable design innovation in a wide range of end-use applications. With substantial investments in research and development and improved manufacturing processes, Infinex gains comprehensive market intelligence to partner with customers on their innovative products.

Sustainability Commitment

Integrated in our operations, Infinex fosters a corporate, social, and environmental (CSER) responsibility culture that focuses on ethics and respect for our environment, people, community and the world. We take pride in paving the way for the next generation. Our compliance to sustainable components incorporates conservation responsibility in all aspects of our manufacturing processes.

Operational Excellence

From Infinex world-class manufacturing facilities and logistic hubs to Infinex operations and support teams, you will find unmatched global collaboration. Infinex is proficient in handling large-scale, highly complex operations that procure materials faster, manufacture components more cost-effectively and ship directly to where customers need them. Infinex empowers operational excellence through the highest standards of ethics, teamwork, diversity, productivity, creativity, continuous improvement, safety, pride, and training development.

Supply Chain Effectiveness

Originated to bring value in the supply chain, Infinex builds efficiency and effectiveness into the supply chain management strategy. Our diverse, cost-effective portfolio is fundamental to our solutions. Through our streamlined supply chain processes and strategic network of global and regional warehouses, customers experience cost advantages, cycle time reductions, on-time component delivery, continuity of supply, uninterrupted operations, fast decision making, quick risk mitigations and ease-of-use supply chain integration. Our broad portfolio and disciplined execution enhance customer innovation and speed-to-market.

Competitive Advantage Solutions

At its core, Infinex enhances a customer’s competitive advantage. Customers benefit from vast cost savings which allow for expenditures to be focused on innovation. While maintaining the highest quality, Infinex has the best price on its comprehensive portfolio of components. Increased cost efficiencies are also achieved as Infinex simplifies the supply chain by diminishing margin stacking and streamlining logistics. Infinex encompasses protection against supply disruption and ensures continuity of supply through robust inventory management competencies so that customers can accelerate time-to-market.

Customer Satisfaction

Infinex has a reputation built on trust, quality, and reliability. We help customers navigate through technical challenges and provide cost-effective solutions for enabling their design innovation. We cultivate customer success through strategic partnerships revealed by commitment and exceeding expectations. As a reliable global component manufacturer, Infinex creates significant competitive advantages for customers achieving a winning strategy.